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4 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Conventional Water Treatment

Posted by Julie Nemeth-Harn on Sep 8, 2020 11:15:00 AM

Membrane Water Treatment SystemWater quality and purification processes have improved greatly over recent years alongside the demand for drinkable water which has also increased. Today’s membrane treatment plants can be tailored to fit specific needs and the membrane treatment methods used can reduce contaminants more than ever before. Where the desired outcome is stable, clean water with an appreciable return on the investment, upgrading to a membrane water treatment system is backed by cutting edge industry science.

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4 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Conventional Water Treatment Plant

Here are just 4 of the main reasons you should strongly consider replacing your conventional water treatment plant with an updated membrane water treatment system.

1. Finer Particulate and Dissolved Solids Removal

Membrane treatment uses a multi-stage process of finer and finer filtering levels. Ranging from particulate matter removed by membrane filtration to reverse osmosis capable of removing dissolved contaminants including a range of both organic and inorganic materials.

2. Lower Bacterial Count

Reduced bacterial count is vital, and a variety of restrictions apply to what is required for specific applications. Each stage of membrane water treatment is able to eliminate microorganisms and inorganic matter, again reducing the need for extensive chemical treatments that drive up operational costs and draw ecological concerns.

3. Variable Treatment Concerns

It is increasingly desirable to reduce or eliminate chemicals employed in the water treatment process. Membrane treatment allows for this reduction, including the need for strong chlorination. Membrane water treatment is a more natural way to accomplish water purification requirements.

4. Improved Water Quality

In consumer terms, the goal of an affordable source of water and membrane treatment is a proven method of increasing yield in cost, time, and personnel involvement scenarios. Waste removal is increased in a way that minimizes the need for service, wear, and maintenance.

Harn R/O has extensive experience in membrane system installation and integration. We have the capabilities for complete project management, from initial design to final system checks. To learn more about how water treatment systems benefit from membrane filtration, contact us.

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