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Can Cars be Made to Run on Water?

Posted by Julie Nemeth-Harn on Jun 28, 2018 4:17:00 PM

Car that will run on waterIt has always been the Holy Grail of automobiles – the car that will run on water. What would it take to build such a car? Innovation, skill, experience, and an immense amount of knowledge about water systems. It will also take a very good hydrogen generator.
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There are many creative ideas for running cars and trucks on H2O. The main concept is that a container housing electrodes is filled almost entirely with water. When the engine is started, the water is then divided into two camps, hydrogen and oxygen. This occurs in an on-demand fashion. The hydrogen is then sent to a second bottle before being directed to the engine through the air intake. At this point it may or may not be mixed with gasoline, which would be sprayed in from fuel injectors.

The hydrogen, a gas, explodes completely – in a good, harmless way – which is more efficient and produces more power than simply having liquid gasoline sprayed in with it. The amount of power needed to electrolyze water would be around 15 volts, but plain sea water, which has adequate levels of salinity for electrolysis, would require only 1/2 volt to separate hydrogen from oxygen.

What supplies would be necessary? One version of the project requires some baking soda, a vacuum hose, an automotive fuse, electrical wiring, a sealed container (one quart) and some other smaller parts. The supplies are not difficult to find, nor are they expensive automotive parts.

In 1935, inventor Henry Garrett ran his car on tap water. The Dallas Morning News announced its success in a September 8, 1935 article that praised the inventor’s car. Garrett was an inventor who also built the world’s first municipal radio station, the first car radio, and the first police radios for automobile use.

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