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How Do I Know I’m Getting the Best Value on My Membrane System?

Posted by Julie Nemeth-Harn on May 1, 2019 3:11:29 PM

Reverse Osmosis Membrane SystemWater treatment membrane systems are complex. Even after the technical design is finalized, it can be difficult to assess cost versus value. We all know from purchasing anything from shoes to washing machines that the cheapest product probably won’t provide us the best value.

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And if we’re researching a major purchase for a family member, like a child’s car seat or medical care for an elderly parent, we are definitely not just going to pick the lowest price option. We are going to research reviews, history, company reputation and stability, technical features, and etc. If you are involved in the water treatment industry, you probably take a responsible approach to provide a consistent, safe, high quality product to your customers. If you are an Owner or end user, you may depend on the engineer or technical design to ensure a high-quality membrane system will be provided.  Engineers are working hard to make sure technical requirements are well established and described, and possibly quality suppliers are already evaluated and specified.  That is a great step to confirm the best value membrane system will be obtained, however, after forty years of experience in the membrane treatment industry, Harn engineers have seen many gaps in the specification that may allow poorer-quality or less-experienced membrane system suppliers an opening to be able to submit a vague proposal or inferior substitutions.



Unfortunately, as it is likely these bids will be unrealistically low, the Owner and Engineer may not be aware of inferior substitutions until the shop drawing submittal phase when it will be too late to alter the membrane system supplier selection. To help avoid this situation and ensure you are getting the best value – on a life-cycle, low O & M cost basis – we would refer you to the following technical papers available on Harn R/O Systems’ website: Planning, Procurement, and Partnering; and Designing for Low O & M.  And please contact us if you have any questions about obtaining the best value on your membrane treatment system.



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