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How Much Should My New Membrane Treatment Plant Cost?

Posted by Julie Nemeth-Harn on Mar 8, 2021 9:45:00 AM

Since Harn R/O has been in the membrane treatment business for more than forty years now, we have seen our number one question from engineers and potential owners transition from “will membranes work on my water source?” to “how much will the membrane treatment plant cost?”.

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As membrane technology has become more widely applied, and many engineers have more experience with the technology, there is an acceptance and technical understanding of what benefits reverse osmosis and membrane filtration technologies—like microfiltration and ultrafiltration—can bring to a utility or industry.

Commonly Asked Questions About Membrane Treatment Plants

We still receive a lot of technical questions along the lines of “what is the best type of membrane technology for my application?”, or “what kind of permeate quality can I expect?”, or “will I be able to blend raw water with my reverse osmosis permeate?”, etc.

We welcome these inquiries and are happy to help provide basic information anytime we can.  I personally worked in consulting for ten years prior to coming to work for Harn R/O, and one of the things I like best about working for Harn is that I can help all kinds of people who want to learn about membrane technology without having to worry about having a billable job number or my utilization rate!


How much should my membrane treatment plant cost?


Can the Cost of My Membrane Plant Be Accurately Estimated?

Nowadays, the most common question we receive is “how much will my membrane treatment plant cost?”. There have been several industry attempts to build complex models, programs, and cost curves to help engineers answer this important question.

But they are not readily available, user-friendly, or site-specific, and generally require way more information to be input than is available. Harn has historically been able to provide budget estimates for engineers and potential owners based on obtaining some basic information about the project.

We can help engineers and owners work through questions such as how many skids they will need for flexibility and redundancy; what type of membrane might be best for the application—nanofiltration or reverse osmosis; if they can blend raw water to save costs; and what the concentrate quality will be for evaluating disposal options. 

Click here to download a form of recommended water quality parameters to test

We are pleased to make the submission of this basic information easier via our website by the introduction of a simple form users can fill out at their convenience.  We will review this information and then contact the inquirer with a budget estimate range. Or course, as always, we welcome anyone to contact us directly via telephone or email for information also.

Water Analysis Recommended for Reverse Osmosis

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