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Upcoming Workshop: Optimal Design & Operation of RO Systems

Posted by Julie Nemeth-Harn on Oct 6, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Pilot.jpgJoin Harn R/O and world renowned Reverse Osmosis (RO) consultant, David Paul, December 6 through 8. Dick Youmans will be leading a 3-day hands on course about proper RO unit design.

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Since 1988, David H. Paul has provided consulting services for hundreds of reverse osmosis water treatment facilities and trained thousands of water treatment professionals. Over the years, he has had extensive experience with of troubleshooting through so many different systems. Mr. Paul sees the design of membrane treatment systems as paramount to understanding why some problems occur, or why problems can be exacerbated. Understanding optimal RO unit design, pretreatment, and operation is key for working out some of the most difficult issues facing a Membrane system. Also evaluating the scaling, fouling and chemical attack characteristics of different feed waters and knowing how to interpret this information is critical. Knowing all this information is valuable, both from a design standpoint and from an operations/troubleshooting standpoint. David Paul shares his successful consulting techniques in his hands-on course “Optimal Design & Operation of RO Systems”. This course is available only at Harn R/O Systems Inc. once each year in December. 
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Topics: reverse osmosis, membrane treatment, water treatment