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What is the Reverse Osmosis Equipment Manufacturer's (ROEM) Role in Membrane Water Treatment?

Posted by Julie Nemeth-Harn on Feb 14, 2020 11:00:00 AM

ROEM HarnIn conventional construction projects there are three main parties: the water treatment plant owner, the engineer, and the contractor. In specialized process projects a system supplier with particular expertise on the process is also usually involved. This party is also called an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). For membrane treatment projects this entity is commonly called the Reverse Osmosis Equipment Manufacturer (ROEM) or the Membrane System Supplier (MSS). The ROEM or MSS may have a separate contract with the water treatment plant owner, or they may be a subcontractor to either the engineer or the main general contractor.

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Each of these parties are a necessary and valuable member of the team. The key to obtaining a successful membrane treatment project is involving knowledgeable parties every step of the way. A qualified ROEM will use their knowledge and experience to enhance the project, ensuring that quality and a focus on operations and maintenance savings will be maintained throughout. They will help develop detailed process design and fabrication plans, either during the final plant design phase or through shop drawing submittals. Although the contractor that builds the water plant will soon move on to their next project – possibly a shopping center, hospital, or an airport, etc., the ROEM will maintain their relationship with owner providing support and service for the life of the plant. When selecting an ROEM it is essential to evaluate them based on their experience, qualifications, and references.

To Summarize: What is a ROEM and Why do I Need One? ROEM’s can put together a membrane treatment system like a Swiss Army knife – elegantly incorporating many necessary features into an integral, user-friendly, efficient package.

  • OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
    • Develop detailed design
    • Select integral components
    • Supervise installation
    • Supervise start-up
    • Provide service
    • Add value
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